With a broad set of skills and experiences, I can turn my hand to most areas of running and building a small business. I’m not restricted to one kind of project nor do I specialise in one sector.

Some of the key areas that I have strong experience and skills in are:

Internal Change Initiatives

Change doesn’t just happen all by itself. It takes planning, engagement, strategic delivery. And all of that takes time. Time that busy business leaders just do not have. I work as part of your team to seamlessly drive change through your organisation.

New Product/Service Development

When taking a new product or service to market, there is no end to the amount of research and planning needed to get it right. And getting it right is what makes the difference between success and failure for launch.

Event Planning & Management

When events aren’t your bread and butter, they can seem daunting, challenging and a distraction.  But they can be pivotal in so many ways – whether that’s building client relationships, building brand awareness, increasing market share. With my experience in B2B event planning & management, we can make your event deliver in spades.

Process Implementation & Firm Professionalisation

As a business grows, ways of working need to grow with it. This is not process for process’ sake – it’s to ensure consistency, to create stability and to make sure that staff know how to do the things they need to do.

New Manager Development

Often the person who is best at doing the job is thrust into the limelight as a Team Leader or Manager, sometimes with no training, support, or personal development. With more than a decade experience of managing teams, I work with company leadership to empower and upskill new managers so they can get the most from their team and give you maximum return on investment. Using a blend of coaching, mentoring and consultancy, we’ll turn new managers into true leaders.